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Have you been looking to enliven your walls like never before?   Space of Joy, the backlit art shop in Mumbai offers you the best options to spruce up the look of your walls. We have a huge collection of backlit wall art pieces that will metamorphose your mundane walls into ethereal looking spaces.


Backlit wall art will provide the special effects that you desire for your living spaces and accentuate their beauty. Our backlit wall coverings are sure to add the enigmatic element to your homes with our very unique range of backlit wall art. Can you believe this? To cater to the audacious minded, our backlit art shop has specially crafted horror-themed wall coverings such as the likes of skeleton in various forms.  Extra-terrestrial elements also form a part of our exclusive backlit wall art collection.  To dress up the walls of your kids’ rooms, we have an underwater collection that includes jelly fish and sea turtles. The kids would readily want to go to sleep watching these beautifully lit wall art forms. 


Installation of these backlit wall art pieces can be done in a jiffy. No special skills needed, all you have to do is hang them using screws and plug in the lights of your choice and lo and behold! They will create magic to the entire room.

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