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Our category of 3D wall coverings will impart the distinctive texture to your walls and create an illusion of depth.  If you are seeking a contemporary look for your homes, you must go for our 3D wall coverings.  They are sure to satisfy your preference for novelty and modernity. These 3D wall coverings will enable you to experience the feeling of virtual reality just by asitting in your homes.

Most of our 3D wall coverings have white or grey backgrounds with flower motifs and geometric shapes ingrained in them. We have multicolour origami-themed wall coverings as well for the kids’ bedrooms. Our wooden finish 3D wall coverings will provide the classic look to your rooms. Fantasise yourself being in a Zen garden with our Zen garden themed 3D wall coverings. You can do up any part of your homes with our 3D wall coverings. They will certainly add charm and gaiety to any place they are adorned with- be it living room, bedroom or dining room. The exotic appeal they promise to provide to your walls is unparalleled. Choose the 3D wall coverings that appeal to you the most and later you will pat yourself on your shoulder for making the perfect decision.

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